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Cherokee Lake Users Association
Board Meeting (Open to public)
Date: 05/10/2016 Time: 6:30PM
Place: Good Sheppard Church


Meeting was held on May 10, 20l6 at 6:30pm, held at the Good Sheppard Lutheran Church, officers present Donna Dunn - Treasurer, Kathy Dubey - Secretary, Pres. Tom Schumann absent with notice. Vise President vacant, due to Rick Stratford's resignation at last months meeting. Board members present Frank Dubey, Fred & Marge Flynn, Gene Dunn, Pat & Mary Ellen Patton and Jim Whiting. Donna Dunn presided over the meeting. New member present Chuck & Betty Gressler (saw Clean Up advertising in Citizen Tribune)

Donna gave her treasurer's report, bank balance is $ 3,411.25. Frank asked what was the approximate cost of the clean-up, Donna said it was approximately $2,000, pounds picked up were 4,840, cost per lb. picked up .4lcents per lb. Assets from purchases: 50 yellow and red Lawn Signs, for members to display and ask neighborhood business to display them. Red ones to please put out with your barrels members have Adopted. Our focus is on Adopt a Barrel Program. Also have 3 Vinyl 6ft banners to use as needed to advocate. One of those banners is at Lakeside Marina on their building.

Donna said our next meeting will be our election/picnic meeting which will be held at Wani Village Campground on Saturday, June 4th at 5:00 p.m. Donna will send notices out. A food sign up sheet was passed around for items to be furnished for the picnic.

Frank said we will be taking water samples next week ( water samples are taken the 3rd week of the month on Tuesday). If our new members Dave and Leanna Toll do not pick up Hawkins Co, then Frank will pick up two of the samples. Pat Patton said we had one sample from Panther Creek pickup point that was high on ecoli and that he will take a 2nd sample, which is customary when a sample is high. The high reading Pat will relay to TDEC.

DIscussion was held on our trash barrels, comment made we have to get our new lawn signs up near the barrels, signs were passed out. Bruce has 3 barrels ready 2 for Gene and 1 for Jim. Cost of $20 a barrel. Bags supplied by TVA. Thank you to Bruce for running the Adopt a Barrel Program. Anyone with¬¬ questions to email CLUA at cherokeelakeuser@gmail.com.

Next meeting we will need to get George Poulos approved as a board member replacing Rick Stratford on the board. Frank mentioned it would appropriate to ask Dave & Leanna Toll to be on the board to take the place of Lynne Listes to represent Hawkins Co.

Donna will work on grant from TWRA and will invite local Officials and CLUA members to picnic. Update of website www.cherokeelakeusers.net to be done. Membership reminders to be emailed and mailed to those with no emails.

NO MEETING IN JUNE ON 2nd TUESDAY. Next meeting at Good Shepard July 12th. 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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