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Cherokee Lake Users Association (CLUA)
Board of Directors and Membership Meeting Minutes
Good Sheppard Church, Morristown TN
February 12, 2019

Members Attending:
Donna Dunn, President, Jefferson County Rep- DD
George Proios, Vice President, - GP
Dick Sheppard, Treasurer, Wa-Ni Village Resort, Grainger County Rep DS
Leona Toll, Secretary, Hawkins County Rep- LT
David Toll, Hawkins County Rep – DT
Jim Whiting, Grainger County Rep – JW
Elizabeth Sheppard, Wa-Ni Village Resort, Grainger County Rep, ES
Margie & Fred Flynn, Hamblin County Reps, FF/MF
Tom Bache – New member, Hamblin County Rep, TB
Brian Stewart, TVA, Watershed Representative, East Operations
Rose Colasuonno, new resident in Jefferson County

1) Meeting Called to Order: DD
a) Meeting was called to order at 6:36 pm.

2) Secretary’s Report: LT
a) October 2018 minutes were approved at meeting. October minutes have been posted on the CLUA Website.
b) Website will be updated with Polar Plunge, minutes, events and update sponsors.
c) DT will assist LT this term as Secretary.
d) A Website administrator is needed starting next CLUA year in July to update our CLUA web site.

3) President Report: DD
a) Jefferson County Booth in December & Polar Plunge Event Jan 1, 2019 at Cherokee Dam Recreation Center. Worked with Felix and his staff, Jaqueline and Amber, from Cherokee Lake Realty to have an amazing booth at Jefferson City’s Christmas Parade event and promoting our organization and our efforts. Georgina, Dave, Elizabeth and Dick all helped and worked at event. Would not have been such a success without them BIG THANK YOU! Newspapers in each County had our name in article thanks to Felix and staff.
b) DD questioned the board as to keep the Cherokee Lake Users Associations going in 2020, a motion was made to keep the non-profit alive and active, and was approved by all. Need to get more members to assist with events and other duties.
c) TO DO:
i) Send thank you to all sponsors and participants with our clean up dates. Update website.
ii) Plan of Action for 2019:
iii) Continue to have newspapers/ radio stations in each county to use our name more often.
iv) Expand our Facebook Followers
v) Clean ups for Spring / Fall with TVA
vi) Work with students for TN Promise hours- / Continuous clean ups.
vii) Work with Sanitation in counties for free dumpsters
viii) Contact past and present members, network to get more members.
ix) Barrel Program
x) Water testing Program
xi) Community Events - set up booths
xii) Attend Chamber meetings
xiii) Expand Water Testing procedures and kits as seen needed.
xiv) Update our signs and t-shirts. Board approved researching reusable folding water containers for future promo item

4) Vice President Report: GP
a) GP is now president of TN Clean Water Network, https://www.tcwn.org.
b) GP reported on proposed mining permit adjacent to a stream that feeds into Cherokee Lake. Attached are GP’s comments that were sent to TDEC. Next Public Meeting for a proposed Limestone Quarry on Helton Road, Grainger County is Feb. 21st at 7:00 p.m., TWRA, Region 4 Office ,3030 Wildlife Way, Morristown. A significant underlying problem with water quality is the Grainger County like many other TN counties does not have land use Zoning. This proposed rock quarry along with a nearby meat processing center having animal wastes are considered significant effects to Cherokee water quality.
c) GP talked about a much need bottle tax law needed in TN. It would reduce the amount of garbage going into landfills and our waterways, and is much needed in area due to no recycling of glass in any counties surrounding Cherokee Lake.
i) ACTION ITEM: Draft letter with instructions and information on passing the bottle tax law in TN.
d) GP talked about the Oak Ridge Laboratory and there is no to little information is available of waste from their facilities going into waterways. Especially concerned about PFOS and PFOA contaminants released to into water.
e) Reported TN is developing a statewide plan called TN H20 for future water availability in TN with invited inputs through Feb. 28 2019.TN TDEC is also working on TN H20.

5) Board Members Reports:
a) Hamblen County-
i) Tom Bache is one our new Hamblen County Reps. TB will be a new link to Hamblin Keep America Beautiful (KHMB). Fred & Marge will also remain as Hamblin County Reps.
ii) Still need another Hamblen County Rep who can assist with water quality sampling.
b) Hawkins County –
i) DT/LT will coordinate with Chelaque Estates HOA and Legacy HOA on a spring clean-up. Also recommended to try and contact other Cherokee HOA’s such as Harbor Point, Grainger Landing and Mallard Bay for clean-up efforts. Boy Scout troops may also be a good source of volunteers. Local realtors may also want to assist.
ii) DT/LT will help publish meeting and event in Rogersville Review newspaper once date is confirmed
iii) DT/LT need to arrange meeting with Fall Creek Marina concerning clean-up
iv) DT gave an overview of CLUA and Cherokee water quality issues to Chelaque Estates (see attachment).
c) Grainger County –
i) JW is now a mentor with Tennessee Promise and is hoping to get more student volunteers from Walter State College.
ii) JW has requested an application for the Grainger County Chamber of Commerce.
iii) Chief Scott Neal and Grainger Volunteer Rescue Squad will come again to all our clean-ups and provide 3 boats.
d) Jefferson County - Jefferson County Mayor meeting 10/25 with Mark Potts. Date TBD for trash receptacles at JC park next to Black Oak Marina.
f) ACTION ITEM TVA- Leave no trace signs. If locations are sent to TVA /Brian Stewart with GPS coordinates, TVA will investigate for putting up “Leave no trace” signs for campers to hopefully reduce trash on islands frequently used for camping.

6) Adopt a Barrel Report: BM absent
a) Discussed need for new barrels. It was recommended to contact the Co-op in Sneedville. Members will do inquires at local Co-ops. Brian Stewart said TVA can help purchase.
b) New locations- Bob Vollman is still in need of one.

7) Treasurer Report
a) Cash at 1/31/19 is $3,843.
b) Fiscal Year July 2018 – Jan 2019. Income $2,905 (Grant $2000, donations $750, and membership fees of $155). Expenses $1707 (promotions/advertising/supplies).
c) Members are encouraged to get registrations for county Chamber of Commerce. Try to see if non-profit reduced fees.
8) Water Sampling
a) 3rd Tuesday of each month, April through October.
b) GP informed group new bags were purchased with water line markings and better sealing.
c) In need of volunteer to replace Frank’s (retired) water sampling sites from Falls Creek Marina to Lakeside Marina.
d) One new volunteer, Bob Ryan, offered to help with water sampling. However, Bob Vollman, Dave Toll and Bob Ryan all live within a mile of each other in Hawkins County and will try and determine best way to allocate water sampling sites.
e) DT will help GP to coordinate a list of CLUA water sampling sites.
9) New Business.
a) Spring Clean-up: Planning for Saturday, April 13, 2019. -
i) David Miller’s Dockside Marina- 25E. Leaders: Dave and Georgina Miller with Dave and Leona Toll assisting.
ii) Gilmore Dock – Leader George Proios, Rick Strafford
iii) Black Oak – Donna and Gene Dunn
iv) Action item:
(1) Members need to send in inventory list of pickers, bags, and gloves.
(2) TVA – will provide barge for clean-up. Planning to get 10 boxes of bags from Brian Stewart
(3) HOA’s – Chelaque Estates HOA and Legacy HOA by LT/DT for Hawkins County. Need to find out other HOA’s in Cherokee for future clean-ups.
(4) It was suggested that we provide area maps for Cherokee marina’s that can be used to locate clean-up areas in need. Maybe laminated maps that can be giving to Marina owners during fishing tournaments to compile data of areas needing clean-up. Discuss further with local marinas.

10) Membership
a) Email and letters to be mailed ASAP with planned April 13 clean-up date.
b) Update our Annual Memberships. Update business sponsors.
c) Put on website, order new T-shirts and new banners.

11) Next Meeting will be Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 pm.

12) Meeting Adjourned at 8:09 pm.

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Local Marinas

Black Oak Marina
Black Oak Rd.
Jefferson City. 865-475-3063

Cedar Hill Dock
368 Boat Dock Rd.
Talbot. 865-673-8171

Fall Creek Marina and Campground
5656 Fall Creek Dock Rd.
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German Creek Marina
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Gilmore Dock
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Rutledge. 865-767-2177

Greenlee Campground and Dock
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Hamblen Boat Dock
3050 Boat Dock Rd
Morristown. 423-586-2939

Dave Miller.
125 Bluff Village Rd. 
Bean Station 865-993-5798

May Springs Boat Dock
379 May Springs Rd.,
Rutledge. 865-828-6174

Cardinal Cove Resort
10525 Cardinal Cove
Rutledge. 865-828-5300

WA-NI Village boat Dock
1220 WA-Ni Village Rd.
Rutledge. 865-828-5547