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Board of Directors and Membership Meeting Minutes
Good Sheppard Church
April 10, 2018

Members Attending:
Donna Dunn, Treasury, Jefferson County Rep- DD
Frank Dubey, Hamblen County Rep. - FD
Fred Flynn, Hamblen County Rep– FF
George Proios, Vice President, - GP
Tom Schumann, President, Jefferson County Rep- TS
David Toll, Hawkins County Rep. – DT
Leona Toll, Secretary, Hawkins County Rep. – LT
Jim Whiting, Grainger County Rep. – JW
Dick and Elizabeth Sheppard
Dave & Georgia Miller – Lakeside Marina
New Members:
Jody and Dave Howells – Hawkins County
Julia Graham (JG) Executive Director, Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council
Brian Stewart (BS), Tennessee Valley Association.
Members Absent:
Kathy Dubey, Hamblen County Rep. - KD
Bruce Mueller, Barrel Coordinator– BM
Marge Flynn, Hamblen County Rep- MF
Gene Dunn, Jefferson County Rep- GD
Al and Ginny Scwegler, Jefferson County Reps-AS
Rick and Pat Stratford, Grainger County Rep - RS

1) Meeting Called To Order: DD
     a) Meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm.

2) Secretary’s Report: LT
     a) March minutes were approved via email and posted on CLUA Website. Website has been updated with Upcoming Event and pictures from Fall clean-up.

3) President: TS
     a) no report for April

4) Vice President Report: GP
     a) Reminder about Hamblin County Tire Collection on April 14th

5) Board Members Reports:
     a) Jefferson County - Mossy Creek cleaned by TVA and followed up by us. Barrel being placed at JC Park. Black Oak Marina sent out email to its boat slip owners

53 Carson Newman students notified of clean up. Chamber members list received for mailings.
     b) Hamblen County- KHMB assisting with clean-up & supplies
     c) Hawkins County – Chamber members list received. Email to 40 key members for clean-up. Membership letters to follow.
     d) Grainger County – providing dumpster at no fee to Dave Millers for clean up
     e) Tom Bache. - Own property clean up. ?? pounds?? * put on Facebook
     i) ACTION ITEM: All counties should try to have “Community News” in local newspaper on monthly meetings

6) Adopt a Barrel Report: BM absent
     a) 2 Barrels being ordered for Island Marker 3 and Bob Vollman request by Legacy Bay
     b) Need to find place to buy new barrels that have rounded top. Dave Miller said he will investigate the company that picks up his waste oil.
     c) New locations- 1) JC Park. - Donna and Gene Dunn & 2) Anderson Shoals (across from Legacy Bay), Bob Vollman
     d) Action Item: Update barrel list

7) Treasurer Report
     a) Major income is TVA grant of $2500 and $750
     b) Income total for year to date is $3,379
     c) Expenses year-to-date $2,846
     d) Current purchases included Pickers, keytainer and T-shirts, approved by board in March.
     e) Other expenses for clean up to be determined.

8) Water Sampling-
     a) Carson Newman can start water quality testing this May. Water sampling is the third Tuesday of each month, starting May 15.
     b) GP proposed considering purchase of water sampling probe(s) for additional measurements such as dissolved oxygen, temperature and turbidity. GP will further investigate
     c) Need more than the current three volunteers to increase sampling. DT reported Bob Vollman from Legacy Bay in Hawkins County offered to assist.

9) Membership
     a) Annual membership updates- previous members
     b) New Members – Tom & Mimi Bache, Charles& Marie Ervin, Bob Vollman

10) New Business
     a) Elections for Executive Board.
     b) Picnic is expected around June. Wani Village is available and Date will be TBD in the May meeting.
     c) Membership letters - bring suggested names & addresses to May meeting.

11) Spring Cleanup, Rain or Shine Saturday April 21 (9-12)

     a) TVA will be Lakeside Marina (Dave Miller). DT will coordinate with Dave and TVA.
     b) Scheduled April 21, 2018 CLUA can work with other groups having different dates.
     c) New Flyer to post in stores. / Signs
     d) Signs put at marinas with our CLUA brochures- (take home with you)
     e) Supplies -new grabbers to be used by groups and collected after event, gloves and trash bags were distributed, more supplies can be obtained from DD, DD will get t-shirts and additional handouts out before event.
     f) Radio / Local Newspapers should continue to get more volunteers and boats for event.
     g) Volunteer List- Sign-up sheet- new volunteers need T-shirt size if possible
     h) DD spoke to Abby Green with the East High Tennis Team to assist at Lakeside
     i) Waivers need to be completed by all volunteers / Safety Talk by TVA and boat leaders
     j) Chelaque Estates- 4/20 (Friday). 24 volunteers to date. DT is assisting Dave Howells (new member) with clean-up efforts. Two from Chelaque already picked-up 9 bags and several tires. Litter planned for drop-off to Hawkins County and tires to Lakeside Marina.
     k) Legacy Bay- 19 volunteers. GP offered to pick-up plastic for recycling. DT will coordinate with Legacy Bay (Rose Mooneyham)
      l) /Sierra Club
     m) Keep Hamblen/Morristown Beautiful- Area??
     n) LT will purchase Water, apples, candy, snack bars, wipes to be given to volunteers at registration for Lakeside Event.
     o) Reminder no tires in Dumpsters! Put signs on dumpsters.
David Miller’s Lakeside Marina- 25E. –County Dumpster/ TVA barge
     p) Gilmore Dock – Leader George Proios (516) 607-1566- ? if need to order dumpster
     q) Black Oak/ Cedar Hill. Waiting on volunteer totals for location- Using their dumpster

10). Next Meeting
• The next BOD meeting will be on May 8th at 6:30 pm.

11). Meeting Adjourned
• Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm.

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