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Cherokee Lake Users Association (CLUA)
Board of Directors and Membership Meeting Minutes
Wa-Ni Village Pavilion
Annual Picnic for members and volunteers
Oct. 9, 2018

Members Attending:
Donna Dunn, Treasury, Jefferson County Rep- DD
George Proios, Vice President, - GP
Tom Schuman, Jefferson County Rep. TS
David Toll, Secretary, Hawkins County Rep – DT
Frank Dubey, Hamblen County Rep - FD
Jim Whiting, Grainger County Rep - JW

Meeting Called to Order: DD
a) Meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.
1) Secretary’s Report: DT
a) September minutes were approved at meeting. September minutes will be posted with October minutes.
2) President Report: DD
a) Fall Clean up with Carson Newman Students was successful - Press Releases to Standard Banner and Grainger Today. Thank you cards to be sent out to clean-up participants. Free dumpsters were provided.
b) Dave Miller followed up and completed clean-up off Hwy 70 with pictures provided (reported by Brian Stewart).
c) Clean up at Hamblen Dock with planning in process. – Possible dates 10/31- 11/3. FD will contact Hamblen Dock tomorrow with more updates. DD reported may be a few smaller groups working over 10/31 to 11/3 with trash pick-up on 11/3 by TVA. Current supplies are adequate.
d) Membership to continue to be worked on. New members, GP neighbor Gigi Adams. Jim Mey volunteered boat at clean up.
e) CLUA will continue and broaden use of media.
f) Fundraiser Event with Julie Graham of METTC - Middle East TN Tourism Council
and Felix Valdes of Lakeway Realty. Date is possibly New Year’s Eve (12/31/18) morning at Cherokee Dam.

3) Vice President Report: GP
a) Reported TN Clean Water Network in litigation with coal ash liner leaking in to Holston River.
b) Trying to support protection of three wetland areas by Cherokee Lake.
c) Working with TN Clean Water Network to monitor possible water contaminants ‘RDX’ (secondary explosive used in manufacturing explosives) and perchlorates (used in munition) in to Holston River from the Army Munitions Plant in Kingsport, TN.
4) Board Members Reports:
a) Hamblen County- FD contact with Hamblen Boat dock owners. Frank resigns as County Rep and will no longer take water quality samples. We need to find a new link to KHMB. Fred & Marge remain. Need another Rep and also to replace for water quality sampling.
b) Hawkins County – DT reported Chelaque shoreline clean-up for October 24. DT will coordinate with Brian Stewart on tire disposal. Reported TVA has two clean-up issues along Slate Hill road.
c) Grainger County – JW is healing and will be able to participate more with CLUA.
d) Jefferson County - Jefferson County Mayor meeting 10/25 with Mark Potts. Date TBD for trash receptacles at JC park next to Black Oak Marina .
5) Adopt a Barrel Report: BM absent
a) 3 Barrels donated by Fred’s friend. Bruce to fix up. (Pointer Marker 3 & Legacy Bay; 1 extra)

6) Treasurer Report
a) Donation for Grainger County Rescue Squad. Approved $25
b) Promotional items, approved to order more CLUA Pens 300 $100.00
c) Lawn Signs- Need count on what we already have. Want primarily for islands. May go with or near Mile Marker signs.
d) Barrels and supplies, - $?, Bruce will submit bill for repair of older barrels.
e) Carson Newman donation for water quality testing supplies, Dr Kerr, approved $100
f) TN Clean Water Network donation of $100 approved.
g) Donation Good Shepard Lutheran Church, approved $25 donation.
h) Upcoming County Chamber of Commerce Dues approved.
i) Fall clean ups. Hamblen Dock – funds as needed for supplies.
j) Water testing kit - Tentatively approved for GP to purchase a single pilot kit.
7) Water Sampling
a) 3rd Thursday of the Month. October is the last month for sampling in 2018.
b) In need of volunteer to replace FDs water sampling sites.
c) GP investigating purchase of a single water quality testing kit (e.g., pH, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature).
8) Feedback from Sept 29th clean-up.
a) FD recommended to have all marina owners and representatives have aget together sponsored by CLUA for litter clean-up planning and coordination.
9) New Business Fall Clean Ups being continued.
10) Membership Drive over the winter time.
10) Next Meeting will be Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 pm.
11) Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm.


MONTHLY MEETING: 2nd Tuesday of the Month- 6:30pm Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on West AJ- across from St Patrick Catholic Church and right next to Sonic.





Local Marinas

Black Oak Marina
Black Oak Rd.
Jefferson City. 865-475-3063

Cedar Hill Dock
368 Boat Dock Rd.
Talbot. 865-673-8171

Fall Creek Marina and Campground
5656 Fall Creek Dock Rd.
Russellville. 423-581-4701

German Creek Marina
120 Muskogee Lane
Bean Station. 865-767-3505

Gilmore Dock
270 Gilmore Dock Ln.
Rutledge. 865-767-2177

Greenlee Campground and Dock
345 Vacation Way
Rutledge. 865-828-8501

Hamblen Boat Dock
3050 Boat Dock Rd
Morristown. 423-586-2939

Dave Miller.
125 Bluff Village Rd. 
Bean Station 865-993-5798

May Springs Boat Dock
379 May Springs Rd.,
Rutledge. 865-828-6174

Cardinal Cove Resort
10525 Cardinal Cove
Rutledge. 865-828-5300

WA-NI Village boat Dock
1220 WA-Ni Village Rd.
Rutledge. 865-828-5547